Add a “Make CD Image…” menu item to Explorer

This script will take as input a directory containing other files and folders and create a CD image that can be burned to CD using any CD writing software. This script requires the Cygwin environment with mkisofs installed. To install, copy mkiso.bat to the <cygwin>/bin directory. Edit the mkiso.reg file to point to the location of mkiso.bat. By default, this is “c:cygwinbinmkiso.bat”. Double click on mkiso.reg to enter the key into the registry. This will add a “Make CD Image…” menu item to the Windows Explorer context menu. When right-clicking on a folder, this new menu option will appear. To create a CD image, create an empty folder. This will be the root folder of the CD. Place whatever files and directory structure is to be on the CD into this folder. When finished, right click on the folder and select “Make CD Image…” Mkisofs.exe from the Cygwin installation will be launched in a command window displaying the progress of the image creation. When done, there will be a CD image with the same name as the target folder in the folder’s parent directory. The mkiso.bat file can be run by itself at a command window by entering: mkiso . Note that this script does not check that the size of the directory contents will actually fit onto a CD. mkiso.reg (right-click the link and select “Save Link As…”) mkiso.bat (right-click the link and select “Save Link As…”)]]>

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