Broken JDK 7 Installer

Ok, how broken is this? I recently rebuilt my development machine and ran into this goodie while reloading my software development tools. I needed the Java JDK so, like any normal person, I went to Oracle’s website and downloaded the shiny new JDK 7 and Java EE 6 bundle. After running the downloaded installer I am confronted by this gem:

Error: Could not find the required version of the Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment in'(null)'.

Huh? So doing some googling I see one suggestion that the download might have been incomplete so I download it again. No good. I found a post on Stack Overflow from someone trying to uninstall Java EE 6. The “fix” for that problem is that the uninstaller is written in Java so it needs a Java VM to run.

Seriously? Yeah, so I try it. I install the basic Java 6 Runtime and hey! All fixed!

Um, Oracle… You know that the JDK comes with its own runtime right? Now I have 2 runtimes installed… Your bundle installer couldn’t install its required runtime before launching the JDK installer? Even if you couldn’t be bothered to do something like that, how about a more descriptive message instead of your buggy “couldn’t find it in ‘(null)'” crap? I mean, I’m expecting the runtime to be included in the bundle so this tells me nothing about needing it to be already installed. It just looks like I got a corrupted download or just crap software.

Update 10/20/12

Ok, so it’s been a year since this original post and Oracle still hasn’t fixed anything. Not only that, I discovered a new issue, probably what one commenter below had run into but I didn’t see it at the time.

I got a shiny new laptop the other day. 64-bit with Windows 7 Professional. So, setting up my tools I initially tried to install the JDK deliberately without first installing the runtime just to see if this issue has actually been fixed. It hasn’t. What I did discover is just as WTF worthy as the above problem.

Since I got a hot new 64-bit computer, let’s install the 64-bit JDK. Ok cool. I run the installer and it didn’t work as I expected. So, I download the Java 7 runtime. Still doesn’t work. Ok, I used the Java 6 runtime before so I try that. Nope. WTF?

Ok, I’m trying the 64-bit runtimes, surely they should work. I download the 32-bit Java 7 runtime. And it works!

Seriously? WTF? So, you can’t install the 64-bit JDK with the 64-bit Java runtime? The 64-bit JDK installer only works with the 32-bit runtime. Not only is this not documented anywhere on Oracle’s website the error message presented is still the same worthless uninformative message.

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Thursday, October 6th, 2011 Java, Oracle

9 Comments to Broken JDK 7 Installer

  • Sp says:

    Totally agree!

  • Samuel says:

    I’m trying to exactly what you are and got the same error.
    I get the concept that it needs a JRE to operate, so like you I downloaded and installed the JRE. I’m still getting the same error though, even after restarting my computer after the JRE install. Are there any specifics with what you did that I might be missing. Is the Java EE install not able to find the JRE for some reason? I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you in advance.

    • David Rager says:

      Actually, I didn’t do anything other than what was posted. I did notice the installer put the java executables in my Windows\System32 directory and didn’t update my PATH variable. Weird. I was wondering why I could run java.exe without it being on my path. I guess that’s why.

      I would try setting JAVA_HOME to where the JRE was installed and add %JAVA_HOME%\bin to your PATH variable if the installer didn’t already do it. If it did, make sure the paths are correct.

      In case it helps, the system I was rebuilding is a little older and I did the install on a machine with Windows XP Pro with SP3.

    • MataraH says:

      I also had the same problem. Tried couple of things. Just install the JRE 32-bit version. Set path to its bin directory. Then install Java EE. It worked for me.

    • amit says:

      java_ee_sdk-7-jdk7-windows-x64.exe in j2ee folder

      C:\Users\amit\Downloads\J2ee>java_ee_sdk-7-jdk7-windows-x64 -j “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_21”

  • BayO says:

    Muchas Gracias…!
    Se me presento el mismo problema y no encontraba la forma de solucionarlo, es increĆ­ble que con el JDK 32bits se ejecute perfectamente…
    Gracias nuevamente..

  • Ok so it’s now 2014 and guess what? This problem is still not fixed. It goes to show just how important Oracle thinks Java is. It makes me wonder why they bought Sun in the first place…

    It’s good to know that Oracle did find the time to make some ‘improvements’ *cough* to their installer in the meantime… Or, in my opinion, [turned Java into malware][1]. It now installs the pesky Ask Toolbar at every possible oppurtunity. Oracle get your priorities straigt!!


  • Ivo Veiga says:

    2014, May 2nd – Problem still there!
    Thanks Fourth Woods Blog! WTF indeed!

  • Ben S says:

    7/25 and issue still exists with JDK 1.8. I needed a 32-bit JRE on my system for the installer to run. Thanks for the post, sad it is still relevant.

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