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‘eregi’ is deprecated errors

The other weekend I was setting up Plogger for my daughter to share her photos. She’s been really getting in to photography and I think she’s really getting good at it. If you’re interested (and she starts uploading stuff and … Continue reading

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Sudoku Forever

I’ve taken the Sudoku JavaScript game I created and ported it to an app for Android. Sudoku Forever is based on the same Sudoku solver described in my JavaScript article but with a few more improvements and optimizations. It is … Continue reading

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Poor-man’s promo check for Android apps.

When I first created Baby’s First Game for Android I gave away a free promotional version. This promotional version was basically to get feedback from people before the real release. I wanted the app to only work for a limited … Continue reading

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undefined reference to IID_IPicture

I was writing a small test application to display some pictures and ran into a linker error complaining about an undefined reference to IID_IPicture. In COM interfaces are identified by a globally unique identifier string. To get the linker to … Continue reading

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Replace Non-Alphanumeric Characters in a C++ String

I needed to replace the non-alphanumeric characters in a std::string. While the Java String class has the replace() and replaceAll() methods for doing this, the std::string class has no such utility methods. Instead you can use the std::replace_if function from … Continue reading

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Convert C++ String to Lower Case (or Upper Case)

I don’t usually need to convert string case in C++ so when the need comes up I’ve usually forgotten how to do it and have to Google. While the Java String class has toLowerCase() and toUpperCase(), C++ std::string does not … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Game

I’ve just launched Baby’s First Game for Android on Google Play. This is a game designed specifically for infants, toddlers and preschool age children. They will have fun learning about colors, shapes, numbers and letters. The skill levels are very … Continue reading

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Are you infected?

Ever think you could never be a part of a botnet without knowing about it? There are millions of PCs out there infected. Most of the owners do not know about it, many don’t know enough about it to realize … Continue reading

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Pretty Print Tables

A while ago I wrote a chunk of code to dump data to a console window in a formatted table. Something like you’d see in a SQL console when doing queries. I’ve finally gotten around to open sourcing it so … Continue reading

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Securing WordPress

In light of the latest attacks on WordPress sites everywhere I thought I should probably step up security a bit here. Not that I thought I had a bad password or anything but I still had the default admin account … Continue reading

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