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Flickering Ubuntu 11.10 Boot Splash Screen

I upgraded my file server to Ubuntu 11.10 back in February. When I ran the install CD, the boot splash screen started flickering and it didn’t seem to be loading. After messing around a bit, the install screen came up … Continue reading

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How to Take a Screenshot of a Windows Screensaver

When I posted my OpenGL Globe ScreenSaver I wanted to include a screenshot which lead to the question, “How do you take a screenshot of a running screensaver?” Well, Windows will let you capture screenshots by using the Prnt Scrn … Continue reading

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OpenGL Globe Screensaver

I like to dabble in different things, 3D graphics being one. Here is a free screensaver I created a while back using OpenGL to display a rotating 3D globe. It’s pretty simplistic but I think it’s cool. Here’s a screenshot … Continue reading

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Can’t call method “bodyhandle” on an undefined value

I’ve recently been seeing and increase in spam emails for my accounts. I started playing with a perl script to process the spam messages to feed to SpamAssassin. When I finish it I’ll post an article on here describing … Continue reading

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Add the Quick Launch Bar to the Taskbar in Windows 7

I don’t have too many complaints about Windows 7. It’s actually a step up from Windows XP and a giant leap up from Vista (AKA Windows ME part deux). Anyway I don’t really care for the way applications are now … Continue reading

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Remove a Drop Shadow in Inkscape

Here’s an easy one that stumped me for a bit. How do you remove a drop shadow from an object in Inkscape? This guy had the answer: Select the object, then from the filters menu (where you would normally apply … Continue reading

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JSP error: [method] must be used with a prefix when a default namespace is not specified

So, in a JSP I needed to compare two strings so I tried something like this: … This of course was followed by the following error: JSP error: equalsIgnoreCase must be used with a prefix when a default namespace is … Continue reading

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missing ] after element list parsing JSON

I was working on a little web application front end submitting a form and processing a result asynchronously using jQuery. I wrote a little JavaScript snippet that looks something like the following: $.post( “submitForm.jsp”, theForm.serialize(), function(data){ var res = eval(‘(‘ … Continue reading

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