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MinGW Toolchain is Missing

As part of my system rebuild I installed the latest Eclipse and CDT and tried to create a new C++ project. Even though I had MinGW set up and working, the MinGW toolchain was missing from Eclipse’s list of available … Continue reading

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Eclipse CDT Debugger Stops at main()

I’ve run into two separate versions of this issue. Basically, when debugging an application with CDT the application automatically breaks at the entry point to main(). The first version is easy to fix. Open the Debug Configurations dialog for the … Continue reading

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MinGW problem with WLOOP in DirectMusic

Building a small DirectX application with MinGW I ran into this error (again): C:/DXSDK/include/dmdls.h:81: error: declaration of `WLOOP _DMUS_REGION::WLOOP[1]’ C:/DXSDK/include/dls1.h:264: error: changes meaning of `WLOOP’ from `typedef struct _rloop WLOOP’ I encountered this a few years ago (and completely forgot … Continue reading

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3D Stereo on Linux with nVidia QuadroFX

So, a while back I had set up a Linux machine with an older QuadroFX video card to do some 3D stereo programming. The nVidia Linux drivers installed without a problem and everything seemed to be working. Except for the … Continue reading

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Broken JDK 7 Installer

Ok, how broken is this? I recently rebuilt my development machine and ran into this goodie while reloading my software development tools. I needed the Java JDK so, like any normal person, I went to Oracle’s website and downloaded the … Continue reading

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