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Facebook “Like” Button Causes a Pop-up Loop

I’ve been playing with integrating social networking widgets into this blog and I ran into a problem. When I click the Facebook “Like” button, if I’m using Firefox (It doesn’t look like the version matters) a pop-up window would open and then close almost immediately, then open, then close, then open, then close,….

It seems that this stems from the fact that Firefox rejects cookies from third-party web sites by default. I.e. when you are visiting this site, and some other site tries to set a cookie (Facebook for instance), Firefox flat out rejects it. This causes issues with that cool little “Like” button however.

Anyway, there seems to be only two solutions. Well… one actually, but can be done in two different ways.

First, you can enable the “Accept third-party cookies” option in the Firefox settings. This will however cause Firefox to accept cookies from all third-party web sites.

The better option is to add as an exception. This will limit third-party cookies to just Facebook. Open the “Options” dialog and select the “Privacy” tab then click “Exceptions”.

On the Exceptions dialog, enter “” into the text box and click “Allow”.

Once this is done it should get rid of that annoying looping pop-up window.

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