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Disabling UAC Prompt for Cygwin run.exe in Windows 7

So, every time I try to start Cygwin (actually, the cygwin XWin server) I get that ugly UAC prompt. Very annoying since this is an application I use quite frequently. Unfortunately, changing the properties to always “Run As Administrator” does … Continue reading

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Managing MinGW packages with mingw-get

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive tutorial on everything you can do with mingw-get but rather a place for me to document some tips that I found Googling and felt I should consolidate here. If something here does not … Continue reading

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OpenGL Globe Screensaver (Update)

I’ve been running this OpenGL Globe screensaver I wrote for several years now on various machines without any issues. Until the other night when I installed it on my new laptop. So I did a little digging and figured out … Continue reading

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Determine if a value is an option in a select element with jQuery

To determine if an html select box contains a given value as an option, in jQuery you can try to select the option and see if it exists: if($(“#id option[value=’someval’]”).length != 0) { // it exists! } That’s it! Have … Continue reading

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Disable the Fn + Function Key combo to the use the function keys on HP laptops

Some genius at HP decided the function keys F1 through F12 aren’t important enough and demoted them to second level functions. To access them you now need to pres the Fn + Function key combination to get the normal behavior. … Continue reading

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Java – Failed to download required installation files

Oracle, you’ve outdone yourself! Still not getting this consumer level software thing are you? I got a call at work that my daughter’s laptop was acting funny. Turns out she got hit by a virus. I have her user account … Continue reading

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Creating New Folder in Windows Explorer

Here’s one I forget every so often. What hot key combination will let you create a new folder in Windows Explorer? In all versions of Windows, with a folder opened in Windows Explorer use Alt + F, W, F. This … Continue reading

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Remove Drive Letter for Encrypted Partition

I created a TrueCrypt partition on my machine that is assigned a letter when mounted through TrueCrypt. Through this drive letter TrueCrypt gives access to the files as if they were on any other drive, performing the encryption and decryption … Continue reading

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java XML parsing: line 1, character 38, unable to switch the encoding

While working on a Java web application I was trying to import an XML file into a Microsoft SQL Server database table with an XML type column. Everything seemed to be OK except I was running into the following error: … Continue reading

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Facebook Fail!

It seems someone at Facebook has broken the BigPipe. Currently, the site is broken for me on both Firefox and IE8. Looks like this problem has been around for a while. Something seems to get screwed up client side but … Continue reading

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