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DjDoom v0.1 Released

Version 0.1 of DjDoom has been released and can be downloaded from here. DjDoom is a reference implementation for the original Doom game engine that I have been working on for a little while. The purpose of this project is … Continue reading

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Error creating JAXB bindings

While creating some JAXB bindings from some XSD files I have I ran into an error like the following: $ xjc -p foo.xsd -d out [ERROR] The package name ‘’ used for this schema is not a valid package … Continue reading

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Viewtron: From the AT&T Archives

Do your shopping, banking and get messages right in your living room. You can also play games, get up to the minute stock quotes, recipes. Why waste time driving to the store or library when you could be using that … Continue reading

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T-SQL Incorrect syntax near ‘ERROR_MESSAGE’

Working on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 I was trying to raise an error doing the following: BEGIN CATCH … RAISERROR(ERROR_MESSAGE(), ERROR_SEVERITY(), ERROR_STATE()); END CATCH Looks pretty straight forward to me. So why the Incorrect syntax near ‘ERROR_MESSAGE’ error? Poking around … Continue reading

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