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Add a “Open at Command Prompt…” menu item to Explorer

Insert this registry key into your system registry to add a “Open at Command Prompt…” menu item to the Windows Explorer context menu. When right-clicking on a folder, this new menu option will appear allowing you to open a command … Continue reading

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Facebook “Like” Button Causes a Pop-up Loop

I’ve been playing with integrating social networking widgets into this blog and I ran into a problem. When I click the Facebook “Like” button, if I’m using Firefox (It doesn’t look like the version matters) a pop-up window would open … Continue reading

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JavaScript to Disable Form Submit with Enter Key

I ran into an issue the other day where I needed to disable form submission when the enter key was pressed. To fix this you need to add a hander for onKeyPress for the <body>. This will disable any effect … Continue reading

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Add a “Make CD Image…” menu item to Explorer

This script will take as input a directory containing other files and folders and create a CD image that can be burned to CD using any CD writing software. This script requires the Cygwin environment with mkisofs installed. To install, … Continue reading

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MySQL on Ubuntu

I was installing MySQL on a Ubuntu VM to do some testing. Being lazy, I was following the directions posted on the How-To Geek blog which was a breeze. Until I actually tried to create my database. $ mysqladmin create … Continue reading

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Culture and Copyright

I’ve heard the following expression numerous times in various contexts: “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one!”. Sure, we get the point. It does not however make one’s opinion less valid or make any facts on which they are based … Continue reading

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MiniCFG v0.1

I was in need of a small, light weight configuration utility for some projects I’ve been working on. Most of the utilities I found were really overkill for what I needed. I created MiniCFG as a quick and dirty solution … Continue reading

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Factory Design Pattern in C++

A question was asked on about how to dynamically instantiate classes given a vector of strings of the class names to instantiate. Take for example: class Base {}; class Child1 : public Base {}; class Child2 : public Base … Continue reading

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Fun with Buffer Overflows

A question was asked on about using a buffer overflow to clobber the stack and alter the behavior of a program. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like this so I thought I might give it a … Continue reading

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